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The purpose of this text is not to describe all the different parts of a digital signmaking instrument, as you can easily learn about them in the numerous online videos and tutorials available.
My intention is rather to focus on what I think are the crucial features of VinylMaster Xpt, so that those interested in developing their own designs, as well as those who just need a powerful and easy-to-use digital signmaking tool will appreciate its many possibilities and take advantage of all of them.
Welcome to sign design!
In order to start using VinylMaster Xpt, you will first need to download the necessary files, installed on a memory drive or even on a DVD; when this is done, launch the application and choose the desired installation folder (Default, or Any User); then press the Run Program button, and the files will be copied to your selected installation folder.
VinylMaster Xpt should now be installed and configured, if you followed the instructions during the installation process. Launch the program, go to the Preferences (gear icon) and choose between ‘Default Mode’ or ‘Advanced Mode’; then press the ‘Run Program’ button, and your program will begin working.
VinylMaster Xpt runs on Microsoft Windows platforms and is compatible with both 32-bit and 64-bit versions. You can check this aspect at ‘VinylMaster Xpt – Version Checker’, and install the latest version if you are experiencing issues with the one that comes pre-installed on your system.
This tool is not free; however, it provides a wide range of features and functionality, and those who have paid for it can use it even if they are not its proprietor.
Microsoft Windows 95, 98, Me, NT 4.0, 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 or 10 (32 or 64 bit),
1GHz or faster computer processor
1GB RAM or more
3GB or more disk space for installation
High speed Internet connection
Please note: despite being a Windows application, VinylMaster Xpt is compatible with macOS and Linux (Ubuntu, Fedora, etc.), so if you need to use it on these platforms, the main restriction is that you will need to install a Virtual Machine with the Windows operating system (in order to launch the application).
What’s New in VinylMaster Xpt 3.17.3 (07 March 2020)
・ In addition to being available for both the Macintosh and Linux operating systems, VinylMaster Xpt is

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KeyMACRO is a super simple and easy-to-use solution to create keyboard macro. It is a highly configurable keyboard controller for any keyboard.
KeyMACRO has been built with the concept that user could define custom macro, or any other type of keystroke (for example, mouse clicks or keystrokes with your external application), to perform complex task in the least amount of time possible. It allows to have repeatable tasks using keyboard. For instance, if you want to copy a text from your computer to your device, you could define a macro which will open your browser and paste the selected text. After defined, you could press your keyboard’s button to execute the macro with every single word or even sentence!
KeyMACRO is not only for everyday use, it is also perfect for programming.
KeyMACRO also feature the ability to save the configuration as a plugin.
If you feel frustrated with your keyboard shortcuts, no more need to change the keymap settings. Simply upload the configuration to KeyMACRO and it will be applied automatically on all your computers.
KeyMACRO allows to customize how you interact with your computer. For example, you could change the window focus or zoom your web browser on demand.
You could also have some complex tasks done automatically for you, like resizing your screen, opening your FTP or even play music in the background.
KeyMACRO is compatible with a lot of applications. You can use it to enhance your productivity:
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– Sync your clipboard with your computer
KeyMACRO has been designed for any kind of computer, on Windows, OS X or Linux:
– Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10
– Windows Server 2000/2003/2008
– Windows Server 2008 R2/2012/2016
– Windows 8/8.1/10 (32 bits and 64 bits)
– OS X 10.6/10.7/10.8/10.9
– Linux (x86, x64)

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KeyMACRO is a lightweight, flexible and simple to use standalone tool with all the basic tools that are required by all graphic designers. All these tools can be accessed from the main screen and there is no need to go through the more complex sub menus.
Main Features:
– Different modes (Fast, Step by step and Stacked)
– Full screen high contrast black background
– Full Keyboard input
– Cross platform
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– Transparency
– Size and Angle control
– Full size support
– Free from viruses, Trojans, adware and spyware
– Free from any form of Internet connection
– OS X 10.6 or later
– English and non-English versions available

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What’s New in the VinylMaster Xpt?

After a lengthy trial that lasted more than two months, the great, super-powerful and highly-functional VinylMaster Xpt by 2Guys Software was released.
VinylMaster Xpt is a comprehensive and efficient application designed mainly for professionals in the field of signmaking, as it can be used in a wide array  of situations, like in designing banners, posters, stickers and countless other objects, with impressive looks and interesting effects.
Choose the preferred running mode
Following an installation process of a moderate length, you can launch the utility and choose the preferred mode, either 'Expert Mode (Advanced Tools)', 'Production Mode (Streamlined)' or 'Cutting Mode (Hides Advanced Tools)'; afterward, you can press the 'Run Program' button, enabling you to start working with it.
Despite its extensive functionality, during testing, VinylMaster Xpt did not prove particularly heavy on the system's resources, working quite well and encountering no delayed response times or freezes.
Advanced user interface
VinylMaster Xpt displays a fairly complex interface, making it less approachable for individuals with limited or no experience with such software. However, the extensive documentation and the video tutorials can assist anyone in quickly learning how to best benefit from its multiple functions.
The left and right side of the application feature simple toolbars which you can use to adjust the appearance of your signs, as well as insert or eliminate items from the design.
Countless components and functions
The ribbon of VinylMaster Xpt displays constantly changing buttons, depending on the work you are doing in your design, while the multiple menus allow you to access all of the program's functions, grouped into various categories, for instance 'Layout', 'Arrange', 'Effects', 'Objects', 'Images', 'Text', 'Curves', 'Colors' and 'Tools'.
As such, you can choose the elements you want to insert in your design and begin customizing their appearance to meet your needs. For instance, you can apply 'Shading' or '3D Effects', 'Distortions' or 'Shadows', or whatever else you may please. You

System Requirements For VinylMaster Xpt:

OS: Windows 7 SP1
Processor: 1.0 GHz
RAM: 256 MB
Hard Disk: 2 GB
DirectX: DirectX 9.0 or OpenGL 2.0
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Sound Card: Hardware or system-supported
Additional Notes:
The game is best played with a higher resolution of 1600×1200 or greater
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