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Amethyst is a Ruby gem with Java applet support. It allows you to bridge the gap between desktop applications and web applications by enabling you to launch web applications from the desktop, and allows you to configure and control web applications independently of the default web browser.
Amethyst has a simple and comprehensive interface that will quickly guide you through all its features.
[ 2. Manage your Amethyst configuration ]
How to change your Amethyst configuration?
You can change your Amethyst configuration by editing the amethyst.yml file located in your home directory.
How to change the color of your Amethyst?
If you prefer to use your favorite color, you can set the color of your Amethyst by editing the amethyst.yml file located in your home directory. You can do this using the color_scheme setting.
How to change the default application to open new web page?
The default application to open a new web page is set to “Opera”. If you prefer to change this setting, you can do this using the default_application setting.
[ 3. Launch web applications from desktop ]
Launch web applications from desktop
You can launch web applications from the desktop by using the amethyst web application launcher. To launch the web application launcher, click on the “Launch amethyst web applications” icon located on the desktop. A new browser window will open displaying the web applications that are stored on your hard drive and available to use.
Launch your web application from the desktop
To launch a web application from the desktop, click on the application’s icon on the desktop, and a new browser window will open displaying the web application.
Launch web applications from desktop by clicking on the icon from the desktop
[ 4. Configure web applications ]
Amethyst Web2App Configuration
The amethyst web application configuration allows you to specify several things regarding the web application:
Name – The name of the web application.
Description – The description of the web application.
Author – The author of the web application.
Actions – Action buttons that are displayed on the web application to provide an easy way to navigate the web application.
Links – Links to other web applications.
Icons – The browser icon and a URL of the web application.
Path – The full path to the directory containing the web application.
Color – Color scheme of the web application.
Goto URL – Use this setting to specify a goto URL for the web application.
Navigation – Use ce698b3d9e

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• Works like a timer but automatically adjusts your computer screen.
• We are looking for your feedback about the application. We are looking for serious people. You will be a star to us.
• Mobile/Desktop compatible application
• Uses location services for Android and Windows version
• Automatically adjusts your working time

Time Tracker is free app for Android that let you to keep track of your time during day/night or week. You can create your own profile with the help of fields such as project, category, comment, alarm and timer.

You can choose between 8 types of icon, 10 different background and change your fonts, colors and font sizes.
You can change interface of your profile according to your needs. You can hide or show fields, add or remove buttons or change color for buttons.
You can choose clock in 24 hours mode or 12 hours mode. You can set time of this clock and change date format.
You can choose between two (Day/Night) or four (Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun) clocks.
You can create custom intervals to add or remove hours for each day or week.
You can set default mode to work or sleep.
You can easily switch off of the clock with the help of tap.

New features added after 30-06-2013:
• Change time zone
• Alarm
• Upgrade to Material Design
• Version 1.0.1
• Bugfix:
• Change time of clock without tap
• Fixed:
• Change time mode
• Change time size
• Bugfix:
• Add day interval to alarm

Time-Stamp is free app for Android that let you to create timestamps on your photos.
You can mark photos with different colors for each day of the week.
You can change the day interval from 1 to 14 days.
You can change the interval time by minute or hour.
You can apply a random color to each day of the week.

• Make your own timestamps
• Create different colors for each day of the week
• Change time interval by minute or hour
• Change color of each day of the week
• Apply a random color to each day of the week
• Change the height of the color
• Change the width of the color

Minute Timer is a new Application that works as your personal timer for any time period.
It will help you to set how

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