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KEYMACRO is a keystroke macro recorder and keyboard macro editor. The keyboard macro editor can record and edit macros such as a mouse click or typing of text. The recording can be started and stopped at will.
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Network Dashboard 6.2
Network Dashboard is a network monitoring application that provides a broad spectrum of functionality. It supports an extensive set of reports, including bandwidth usage, ping, ping time to destination and source, TCP handshake, HTTP response time and other performance metrics, and activity log. Network Dashboard can collect statistics from almost all types of network hardware and software and its reports are set up to visualize all results.
Network Dashboard Features:
There are various network reports and they’re tailored for different monitoring and reporting needs. Some are fairly generic, such as traffic statistics or ping reports, while others can be more precise and deliver more detailed results. For example, a ping report can show results for all hosts or specify them by name.

A network chart is a visual representation of data. Depending on the purpose of the chart, the parameters that are included can vary. Data can be displayed over time, for example, to show how the bandwidth usage of a particular application changes throughout a day or over a month.
There are also charts that display bandwidth usage over time by protocol, port, or even by IP address.
Network Dashboard supports a comprehensive set of network calculators. Besides traffic reports, it can show the traffic over time and displays a graph with the bandwidth usage over time. A ping calculator can provide the time required for a given host to connect, while a port calculator can list the active and listening ports on a host.

Keyboard Shortcuts
Some network reports can be triggered with keyboard shortcuts, allowing you to save time and efforts. Some of the most common ones include the traffic chart, which can be triggered with Ctrl + N. Other shortcuts include Ctrl + A to list active connections, Ctrl + L to list listening ports, and Ctrl + P to provide ping results.
Report Builder
Network Dashboard can export its reports into a SQL database using Report Builder. A SQL Server database is required for this option, and it doesn’t have any significant limitations.

Web Tools
Network Dashboard can collect data for a broad spectrum of network hardware and software. Its reports are set up to visualize all results, so there’s no need for any special tool to 384a16bd22

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Key Macro Manager is a program designed to make it easier to access the Windows keyboard shortcuts.
Main features:
• Speed up keyboard shortcuts that you use repeatedly: You can load and store up to 5 macros in Key Macro Manager and set macros in order to access each one more easily than before.
• Edit all or one of your keystrokes: You can edit what you press on the keyboard in the main menu or by going to File > Edit Keystrokes menu.
• Make your own keystroke macro: You can record and modify keystrokes from the menu or from within any application.
• Save keystrokes: Save keystrokes that you create to an XML file.
• Use Key Macro Manager’s built-in keyboard map: You can select which keyboard layout you want to use.
• Store more than one macro in the tray icon: You can store a macro and its associated icon in the tray for easy access.
• New! Add keystrokes without leaving the menu: You can directly add a keystroke macro from the menu.
• Support of multiple languages: You can choose the main interface language from which to launch Key Macro Manager.
• It can support any number of keystrokes and it can be configured to always open the application.
• You can associate a macro with a mouse shortcut, making it faster to access the shortcuts you use most.
• All the keystrokes are synchronized across all your devices.
• You can access the macros from the tray icon or by pressing the Windows key on the keyboard.
• You can manage up to 10 keystrokes per macro.
• All macros in Key Macro Manager can be recorded and edited easily.
• It can be configured to always open the application.
System Requirements:
• Windows 7/8/8.1/10, 32-bit & 64-bit.
• 2 GB RAM.
•.NET Framework.
– Windows XP (32-bit) & Vista (32-bit)
Key Macro Manager is a software application developed by Microsoft.
Read the full description and download the portable version of this software on our website.
KEYMACRO Portable Description:
Key Macro Manager is a program designed to make it easier to access the Windows keyboard shortcuts.
Main features:
• Speed up keyboard shortcuts that you use repeatedly: You can load and store up to 5 macros in Key Macro Manager and set macros in order to access each

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