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Key macros can be created using a limited number of symbols, allowing you to create a macro out of many keystrokes, which is useful if you want to automate a series of operations.
Key macros are executed by a keystroke, and they can be triggered at any point in time or they can be automatically run once the user navigates to a certain area or folder in the project.
Key macros are assigned to any key on the keyboard, so it is possible to set them up to be executed whenever the “Enter” key is pressed.
For instance, you can assign a key macro to run when the user navigates to a certain folder, the macro runs and opens the folder, then you press the enter key to get to the next folder.
The same principle applies when you set a key macro to run when the user presses the “Escape” key.
Key macros also work with the backspace key, allowing you to replace a previous character with a new one and also enabling you to edit the selection in the middle of the text.
Key macros can be edited and customized in the advanced section of the project.
The program also allows you to create your own custom key macros, if you have a certain idea you want to implement in the software.
Some key macros have been pre-installed, so if you want to try one you just need to go to the “File” menu and click on “Load key macros”.
Using key macros makes it possible to perform a series of operations, making it easier to automate tedious procedures.
Key macros are not saved, and are executed once the user presses the key they were assigned to.
Key macros are saved in the project but only in their default state.
It is possible to disable key macros during the project, so you do not have to worry about accidentally executing them.
It is also possible to disable key macros in the project settings.
Setting up Key macros:
When you create a new key macro, a dialog appears where you have to enter the details of your new macro. You can assign a macro to any key on the keyboard, so you can set one up to run when the user presses the “Enter” key.
The dialog also allows you to set the duration of the key macro, as well as specify its arguments and location.
The arguments, if any, are displayed in the dialog that appears when you assign a key macro to a keystroke. 384a16bd22

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KEYMACRO is a macro generator for Internet Explorer 5.5 and above. This macro software allows you to create key sequences which will cause the program to enter a custom action.
Specifically, with this application you can easily perform many tasks, such as rename files, copy or move files, change the format of a file, delete files, launch another application, open a folder, change the working directory, insert a web page and more.
The software comes with a toolbar-like interface that allows you to set up your own keyboard shortcuts to perform custom actions.
Furthermore, you can select between various file types, such as EXE, DLL, and COM files, and specify other properties such as file extensions and size.
The tool also allows you to create macros to insert the contents of a file into other files, thus making it possible to integrate text snippets into other applications, or share information between them.
Furthermore, it comes packed with useful features such as icon association for different types of files, change an application shortcut to launch a program, as well as generate a complete schedule to perform different actions at a set time.
In conclusion, KEYMACRO enables you to create robust, real-time macros for different applications, thus allowing you to set up an automated process to perform different tasks or activities on your computer.
DECES Description:
DECES is a powerful cross-platform application that enables you to execute up to 4 user-specified applications from a command line and pass information between them.
You can easily launch a specific software, such as a Notepad or a different browser, or launch a set of commands.
It also allows you to pass arguments between applications, which make it possible to launch an audio player, a decoder, a text editor, a password manager or other relevant programs from the command line.
Furthermore, DECES comes with advanced features such as automatic installation, batch mode, temporary profiles, automatic session restoration, tab support, drag and drop capability, and more.
In conclusion, DECES can be considered a powerful, cross-platform tool that allows you to launch several software or batch applications from a single command line, passing information between them.
HPANEL Description:
HPANEL is a completely free and open source application that allows you to capture screenshots from your Windows system with ease.
Furthermore, the tool enables you to capture, edit and annotate images, as well as save them directly into the popular image formats such as PNG, JPEG, TIFF


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