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Change windows passwords using the keyboard without touching the mouse.
How to use the app:
Simply run it and let it run in the background. That’s it.
Keymacro can be configured in three ways:

Keymacro can automatically log in to a website for you by using its built-in Browser. You can configure the browser’s home page by clicking Options -> Browser Tab. You can also configure a number of settings for the keyboard’s browser, such as the behavior when loading a new page, whether it should be minimized when exiting the browser, and so on.
You can use the program as a taskbar keyboard switcher by clicking Tools -> Start | Switch to and selecting Keymacro.
Keymacro is perfect for creating a shortcut on your desktop to quickly access a site with a logged-in state.

License: Freeware, Download (681 kb) Radio Station Info: Freeware, Download (1.28 MB) Radio Station Info – is the world’s largest community of music listeners. Music tastes spread across cultures and countries, the Internet provides unprecedented opportunities to connect with music and people. is a dedicated music community and social network that brings together music lovers in a new way, by helping them discover new music, learn about artists, and develop their personal music taste. is a music service. It was founded in October 2004 by Martin Stoll and Paul Lamere and is based in London, UK. Its operation is centered on the “the idea that if you know what music is being listened to, and when, you can find new music to add to your collection.” The community encompasses an estimated 17 million registered members and over 32 million unique music listeners.

Tuner PRO Description:
Tuner PRO provides total control over the FM radio through its functional and graphic user interface, and allows you to enjoy music from any song on the radio, on demand. The tool offers various controls that allow you to define any frequency range, any station to be preset as favorite, and any of the stations. It also allows you to select any of the streaming MP3s on the internet. Finally, it provides a filter in order to allow the display of artists, bands, genres, and songs. The application is 100% free and does not contain any third party ads.
How to use the application:
The application is divided into three screens: 384a16bd22

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Keyboard macro utility allows you to create special sets of keyboard strokes which can be assigned to new or existing keyboard shortcuts. The application provides a user-friendly interface, making it very easy for you to create and manage multiple macro sets.
KEYMACRO Features:
• Create new macro sets with ease
• Automatically memorize keyboard shortcuts
• Edit existing keyboard shortcuts with ease
• View all currently defined shortcuts
• Export sets into a separate data file for backup purposes
• Choose from various ways to execute macros
• Apply macros to a set of specific keys or to a specific key sequence
• Perform other convenient actions using macros
• Macro sets can be saved on a disk or in a database
• Macro sets can be restored at any time
• Create macro sets using a drag and drop interface
• Undo and redo macro creation
• Use the keyboard for intuitive tasks
• Perform bulk operations: create, edit, delete and restore macro sets
• Use the keyboard for intuitive tasks
• Rename a macro set
• Delete a macro set
• Macro sets are easy to export to a file
• Export all macro sets to a file
• Export selected macros to a file
• Export selected macro sets to a file
• Edit selected macros in a file
• Edit all macros in a file
• Export selected macros to the clipboard
• Export selected macro sets to the clipboard
• Export all macros to the clipboard
• Clear the clipboard with a single keystroke
• Add, modify and remove commands in a macro set
• Easily re-assign macros to keys
• Play macros in the background
• Start a macro from the keyboard using hotkeys
• Use hotkeys to play macros
• Auto-reload the macros database when opening a file
• Auto-reload the macros database when changing the set options
• Change the set option settings with just one click
• Clear all macros from the hotkey list
• Edit macros in batch mode
• Perform multiple actions in batch mode
• Add new keybindings
• Remove or edit keys in a macro set
• Activate the macro set on a key
• Activate the macro set on a key sequence
• Add, modify and remove keys in a macro set
• Select keys for activation
• Add new key bindings
• Save the settings of an open file for later use
• Generate a list of all opened files
• Generate a list of all opened files by file type

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