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KeyMacro is a highly customizable software clipboard manager for Windows XP/2003/Vista and Windows 7/8/8.1. It allows you to customize the clipboard at will to meet your work needs. It supports unlimited clipboard history which will not overwrite the existing entries when you click new ones. You can use CTRL+ALT+Delete shortcut to remove the latest entry from the clipboard.
· Add/Delete/Edit the clipboard entries.
· Change the order of the entries.
· Full support to customize the clipboard.
· Clipboard History.
· Completely customizable with supports unlimited entries.
· Add context-sensitive item to clipboard.
· Add context-sensitive item to image clipboard.
· Add context-sensitive item to video clipboard.
· Add context-sensitive item to audio clipboard.
· Add context-sensitive item to text clipboard.
· Add context-sensitive item to HTML clipboard.
· Save items as text documents, ePub files, images, etc.
· Full support for ASCII, UTF-8, ANSI, Unicode, HTML, PDF, MS Office and other file formats.
· Create and edit custom clipboard groups.
· Add new shortcut keys.
· Show the list of items on the right click of the mouse.
· Toggle visibility of the items list with a right mouse click.
· Show/Hide item from the list.
· Copy/Cut/Paste/Delete entries to/from the clipboard.
· Fully customizable with supports unlimited entries.
· Copy entries to clipboard.
· Cut entries from clipboard.
· Paste entries from clipboard.
· Copy/Paste the next/previous entry.
· Delete the selected entries.
· Delete All entries from the clipboard.
· Sync Clipboard with system clipboard.
· Paste entries from system clipboard.
· Scroll the list in either direction.
· Delete the selected entries.
· Enter the number of items to be deleted from the clipboard.
· Select the current entry with a left click.
· Move to the first/last item.
· Move to the top/bottom item.
· Select the top/bottom item.
· Move up/down items.
· Delete the current item.
· Sync the selected items with system clipboard.
· Copy the selected items to the clipboard.
· Cut the selected items from the clipboard.
· Paste the selected items to the clipboard.
· Delete the 384a16bd22

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This is a powerful tool that allows you to generate a pseudo-random string of your choice and embed it inside the application files.
This creates a new section inside the.exe or.ocx file. The algorithm used to generate the string is chosen at your option. The length of the encoded string should be smaller than the size of the original text.
The generated string can be read and decoded using the Keymacro Viewer application.
The output text can be converted into binary format to be saved inside.exes and.ocxs with the help of Notepad.
When you decode it, it will replace your original text with the keystring that you have just created.
Smart Code Virtualizer:
Protecting software applications by using a third-party utility is like playing a shell game. The software must be manipulated properly, or else it can affect the protection results.
When it comes to smart obfuscation apps, this is their best feature.
A tool like this can help increase the resistance level of the program.
When you encrypt the software, the software itself cannot be opened by another user.
What’s more, this software doesn’t require any special skills or technical skills to install. You just need to create a new section inside your software and add a few codes to it.
Stealth Mode:
This is a tool that can help you hide text in your application.
If you are a developer, you may use this to hide vital system information in your software and keep it secure.
You may use this tool to replace variable names inside the application and provide different values for the application to use.
Smart Anti-Disassembly:
This is the best tool to create code strings, randomize them, and encrypt them.
The process is simple.
Just enter the data you want to encrypt inside the fields on the left.
Note that you can also configure your own function if you are a programmer.
The tool generates a new string of your choice.
You are also provided with a few options that can help you convert the encrypted text into a format that it can’t be decrypted by another user.
You can use the Power Packager tool to save the text in a resource file.
Later, you may edit the content of the file directly from the resource.
Some coding languages come with the ability to export resources to a file.
You can also generate a string by using any programming language or manually enter the

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