GeoCalculator is mainly a library that can be used to calculate a great number of variables within a GIS application (using a single function).
In addition to this, it also comes with a simple GUI that is designed to be used as a test tool.
WITH GeoCalculator there are several possibilities:

Find distances between two points or polygons, taking in consideration the parameters that you wish to calculate. In this case, GeoCalculator will calculate the distance (m) or the bearing (degrees) between two points (latitutde or longitude) or the distance between a point and a polygon (m).
Calculate ellipsoid parameters (using WGS84, Pulkovo-42, Pulkovo-95, SK42, SK95, PZ90 or Bessel 1941 Europe).
Calculate spatial coordinates.
Calculate the initial azimuth of a point based on the distance and other input values.
Calculate the final azimuth or bearing of a point based on the initial azimuth, the distance and other input values.

As you can see, GeoCalculator is mainly a library that is able to calculate a great number of variables within a GIS application (using a single function). If you are an application developer, it is recommended to include the dll within your project.

License and technical information:


Please use the [support] button to get immediate help or to send an email if you have any questions.

Your kind appreciation is very much appreciated and will motivate me to develop further.


GeoCalculator can be integrated within any GIS application that requires the calculation of various geo variables.

GeoCalculator can be used as a dll, so it is recommended that you integrate it into your GIS application.

If you are using the test application, it is recommended that you print the results within the application (using the print function) instead of saving them to file.

The download package also includes an explanation of how the input values are used, how GeoCalculator determines the variables, the internal workings and the results (in the form of a simple example) of the calculations.


I do not accept any kind of responsibility or liability for any kind of damage that may be caused by the use of this library. 384a16bd22

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You can add macros to your worksheets or to individual worksheets and write them in a simple text format.
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In the results of macros, you can save the data for later use and present it in many ways.
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