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When you find yourself using the same frequently-used keyboard shortcuts, you often spend a lot of time retyping them.
KEYMACRO is designed to help you manage your keyboard shortcuts on the fly.

RxBackup is a software tool that lets you control the functionality of your iPhone, iPod, iPad, and Android smartphone.
You can schedule regular backups or keep track of all your recent activities and even find deleted items without any hassle.
Plus, RxBackup lets you import your Gmail accounts, Twitter accounts, FTP accounts and your JIRA system (e.g. JIRA 2.0), and create backups from any of your iPhones and Androids.

Robocopy is a high-level tool for performing file-level or directory-level backups. It allows you to select either the entire volume or a specific directory, and enables you to include or exclude files and subdirectories.

MD5 Checksum is a fast and reliable file hash and integrity check utility that generates an MD5 checksum, which is a simple 128-bit integer, of a file. It can be useful for ensuring that your files have not been corrupted, especially in the case of digital media files such as MP3, WMA, JPEG, JPEG 2000, ZIP, and TAR files. MD5 Checksum also provides for signature detection and MD5 hashing of compressed files.

Hi Olly,
You cannot. I don’t think there is a way. There is no way to reset the passwords for your backup email. It sounds like the email service provider changed it.
If you want to reset your password for any of the email accounts, that’s another story.Q:

Redirecting request from one domain to another

I’ve read a lot of posts on here regarding redirects but still haven’t found an exact solution to this. So here it goes.
I have a simple intranet site (only for internal use by staff) that I need to share with a client. The client already has a website that they need to share with us, the problem is the header of the site redirects all the client’s requests to their own server.
As an example:

If I enter www.exterior-site.com I get redirected to the client’s site www.interior-site.com.
But if I enter the client’s site, www.interior-site.com I get redirected 384a16bd22

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1. CMD + TAB: adds the current time to the desired Round.
2. CMD + T: adds the current time to the desired round.
3. CMD + R: changes the round.
4. CMD + B: changes the break.
5. CMD + D: displays the time of the last execution.
6. CMD + F: shows the number of rounds and breaks
7. CMD + O: shows the summary of the round.
8. CMD + G: get out of the round.
9. CMD + I: shows the info of the last executed.
10. CMD + H: get out of the break.
11. CMD + P: show the cumulative time of a specific round.
12. CMD + Q: show the cumulative time of all rounds.
13. CMD + S: show the cumulative time of all breaks.
14. CMD + T: switch between the round and break sound effect.
15. CMD + U: adds the current time to all the breaks.
16. CMD + W: add the current time to all rounds.
17. CMD + X: swap between the round and break sound effect.
18. CMD + Z: executes the last round.
19. CMD + -: show the summary of the round.
20. CMD +,: get out of the round.
21. CMD +.: get out of the break.
22. CMD + /: show the round number and round time.
23. CMD + /: get out of the round.
24. CMD +?: show the Info of the last executed.
25. CMD +!: get out of the info.
26. CMD +.: reset the break.
27. CMD + Q: get out of the break.
28. CMD + ;: get out of the round.
29. CMD +,: get out of the break.
30. CMD +,: get out of the round.
31. CMD +,: get out of the round.
32. CMD +,: get out of the break.
33. CMD +,: get out of the round.
34. CMD +,: get out of the break.
35. CMD +,:


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